Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (2024)

Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (1)

This is a full interactive map for Fallout 4 (FO4). See all the map locations, all the settlement locations and many more in this interactive map guide.

Fallout 4 Interactive Map

Map of the Commonwealth

✶ Press the magnifiying glass search icon at the bottom right to search for a location. ✶ Toggle the Name On icon to show the names of the points of interest. ✶ Toggle the Full On icon to expand the map.

The Interactive Map both shows the location of key points on the map, and doubles as a collectible checker.

  1. Click an icon on the right side to show all the pins of a specific type, or click the magnifying glass button to search for a specific pin by name.
  2. Click a pin on the map to see its name and description, and a relevant picture or video if available.
  3. From here, click Mark as Acquired to indicate that you've gotten a collectible already. This will change its icon on the map to show that it has been collected, and add 1 to that pin type's Counter.
  4. To undo this, click on the same pin and click Restore to unclaimed.
  5. To check how many pins you have marked so far, check the Counter in the bottom left, and click the icon that looks like a checklist to see counters for all pin types.
  6. If the collected pins start to get in the way, you can hide them all by clicking the green Show Pins button on the left side.
Icon How to Use
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (2) Show Names
This button reveals the Name of every icon currently shown.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (3) Show Pins
This button will toggle between showing and hiding all the pins which you have already marked as acquired.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (4) Fullscreen
This button will change the map display to fill the screen.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (5) Search Mode Toggle
This button will display a searchbar which you can use to search for an individual pin by its name.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (6) Icon Mode Toggle
In Search Mode, this button will toggle you back to Icon Mode, removing the search bar and displaying the icons again.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (7) All Pins
This button is shown along with the Icons on the right when there are over 6 types of pins. Click it for a full selection of all available pin types.
Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (8) Counter

Tracks the number of pins you have of a certain type. The pin type shown is set to the page and currently cannot be changed; however, all pin type counters can be viewed by clicking the checklist icon on the right side.

Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (9) View All Counters

This icon is found on the right side of the Counter. When a map has more than one pin type, click this icon to see Counters for all pin types.

Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (10) Zoom In / Zoom Out

This icon is found on the top left side of the map. You can press these buttons, or use your scroll wheel while hovering, to Zoom In and Out of the interactive map.

Map Point of Interest

Point of Interest Explanation
Settlement Sites Locations where players can build Settlements.
Bobblehead Improves one of your skills or adding points to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L skills.
Magazine Grants additional perks or benefits when read.
Fusion Core Battery for your Power Armor.
Chemistry Station Stations where you can build items with chemical like chems, grenades, mines and stimpaks.
Power Armor Personal infantry suit for combat and heavy labor.
Unique Weapon Unique variants of regular weapons.

All Map Locations

Lexington and Northwest Commonwealth

Points of Interest
SanctuaryAbernathy FarmTenpines Bluff
Red Rocket Truck StopStarlight Drive-InSunshine Tidings Co-op
Fusion Core (Robotics Disposal Ground)Fusion Core x2 (Robotics Disposal Ground)Fusion Core (USAF Satellite Station Olivia)
Fusion Core (Starlight Drive-In)Fusion Core (Museum of Freedom)Fusion Core (Red Rocket Truck Stop)
Fusion Core (Lonely Chapel)Fusion Core (Concord Civic Access)Fusion Core (Super Duper Mart)
Fusion Core (Tenpines Bluff)Fusion Core (South of Drumlin Diner)Power Armor (Tenpines Bluff)
Power Armor (South of Drumlin Diner)Power Armor (Near Robotics Disposal Ground)T-45 Power Armor (Museum of Freedom)
Power Armor (Lexington)

Western Commonwealth

Points of Interest
GraygardenOberland StationFusion Core (North of ArcJet Systems)
Fusion Core (Federal Ration Stockpile)Fusion Core (North of Mass Pike Interchange)T-51 Power Armor (North of Mass Pike Interchange)
Power Armor (Federal Ration Stockpile)Power Armor (Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates)Power Armor (South of Greater Mass Blood Clinic)
Power Armor (North of Mass Pike Interchange)Power Armor (Wattz Consumer Electronics)

Coastal Commonwealth

Points of Interest
Kingsport LighthouseNordhagen BeachBoston Airport
Coastal CottageCroup ManorFusion Core (Longneck Lukowski's Cannery)
Fusion Core (Near Coastal Cottage)Power Armor (South of Lynn Pier Parking)Power Armor (Dunwich Borers)

Natick and the Glowing Sea

Points of Interest
Somerville PlaceFusion Core (Cutler Bend)Fusion Core (Atlantic Offices)
Fusion Core (Cave)Raider Power Armor (Cave in Glowing Sea region)Power Armor (Roadside Pines Motel)
X-01 Power Armor (Natick Banks Military Checkpoint)X-01 Power Armor (Abandoned Shack)

Quincy and Southern Commonwealth

Points of Interest
Warwick HomesteadEgret Tours MarinaJamaica Plain
Murkwater Construction SiteSpectacle IslandFusion Core (Boston Police Rationing Site)
Fusion Core (Fallon's Department Store)Fusion Core x4 (Milton General Hospital)Fusion Core (Gunners Plaza)
Fusion Core (Suffolk County Charter School)Fusion Core (Wilson Atomatoys Factory)Fusion Core (Quincy Ruins)
Fusion Core (Quincy Police Station)Fusion Core (Atom Cats Garage)Fusion Core (Atom Cats Garage Power Armor)
Fusion Core (Wreck of the FMS Northern Star)T-60 Power Armor (Atom Cats Garage)Power Armor (Poseidon Energy)
X-01 Power Armor (North of Shaw High School)X-01 Power Armor (West of Murkwater Construction Site)X-01 Power Armor (Neponset Park)
Power Armor (Quincy Ruins Elevated Highway)Power Armor (Qunicy Police Station)

North Central Commonwealth

Points of Interest
CovenantThe SlogCounty Crossing
Finch FarmGreentop NurseryOutpost Zimonja
Taffington BoathouseFusion Core (Skylanes Flight 1981)Fusion Core (Taffington Boathouse)
Fusion Core (Compound)Fusion Core (Mass Fusion Containment Shed)Fusion Core (Medford Memorial Hospital)
Fusion Core (Malden Center)Fusion Core (National Guard Training Yard)Fusion Core (West of Finch Farm)
Fusion Core (Vitale Pumphouse)X-01 Power Armor (National Guard Training Yard)Power Armor (West of Finch Farm)
Power Armor (Outpost Zimonja)Power Armor (South of Rotten Landfill)Power Armor (Saugus Ironworks)
X-01 Power Armor (National Guard Armory)Power Armor (Revere Satellite Array)X-01 Power Armor (Poseiden Energy Turbine #18-F)


Points of Interest
Bunker HillThe CastleHangman's Alley
Home PlateFusion Core (South Boston Military Checkpoint)Fusion Core (Kendall Hospital)
Fusion Core (Under the Bridge in South Boston Military Checkpoint)Fusion Core (BADTFL Regional Office)Fusion Core (Layton Towers)
Fusion Core (Wilson Atomatoys Factory)Fusion Core (Charles View Amphitheater)Fusion Core (North of North Old Church)
Fusion Core (D.B. Technical High School)Fusion Core (Hesters Consumer Robotics)Fusion Core (Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant)
Fusion Core (Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant Factory)Fusion Core (Gwinnett Brewery)X-01 Power Armor (South Boston Military Checkpoint)
Power Armor (North of North Old Church)Power Armor (Near Fort Strong)T-60 Power Armor (The Prydwen)
Power Armor (College Square)Piezonucleic Power Armor (Cambridge Polymer Labs)Power Armor (Wreck of the USS Riptide)
X-01 Power Armor (Goodneighbor)X-01 Power Armor (Financial District - 35 Court)Power Armor (Mass Bay Medical Center)

How to Open the Map

Press Tab and Click Map

Full Interactive Map and Map Locations | Fallout 4 (FO4)|Game8 (18)
To access the map, press the Tab key on your keyboard to open the Pip-Boy and then click the Map option to open the Map.

How to Unlock All Map Markers Immediately

You can unlock all the map markers from the get go on the PC version by opening console commands using the ` key and typing the following commands.

Command Effect
tmm 1,0,1 Shows all map markers but does not allow you to fast travel to them.
tmm 1 Shows all map markers and allows fast travel to them.

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