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Fallout 4 has a large variety of clothing and armor you can wear around what's left of Boston. With the console, you can instantly add them to your inventory by typing 'player.additem [Item Code]] 1'. Here's a list of all armor in the game, along with the item codes for them.

All Armor in Fallout

Agatha's Dress
Airship Captain's Hat
Army Fatigues
Army Helmet
Assault Gas Mask
Athletic Outfit
Atom Cats Jacket and Jeans
Baseball Cap
Baseball Uniform
Battered Fedora
Beaded Blazer
Black Institute Lab Coat
Black Vest and Slacks
Black-Rim Glasses
Blue Bandana
Blue Batting Helmet000F6D8C
Blue Institute Division Coat
Blue Institute Lab Coat
x1 Adhesive
Bomber Jacket
BOS Hood 000E1A39
BOS Officer Uniform 00134294
BOS Uniform 000DEDEB
Bowler Hat 000FC104
Brotherhood Fatigues 00169523
Brotherhood of Steel Uniform00148B86
Brown Flight Helmet 000D4166
Cage Armor 000B2D8E
Cait's Bandolier 001921D8
Captain Ironsides' Hat000F6D85
Casual Outfit 001410EC
Casual Outfit 00174D2F
Chain Dog Collar0018B210
Checkered Shirt and Slacks0013D65E
Chef Hat000F6D88
Child of Atom Long Rags 000E6F18
Child Uniform0016BFFE
Clean Black Suit01BDDF8
Clean Blue Suit001BDDF9
Clean Grey Suit 001BDDFA
Clean Striped Suit 001BDDFB
Clean Tan Suit00151E34
Cleanroom Suit00115AEC
Coast Guard Hat000F6D87
Colonial Duster0001F17B
Combat Armor Chest Piece0011D3C3
Combat Armor Helmet0011E2C8
Combat Armor Left Arm 0011D3C7
Combat Armor Left Leg 0011D3C5
Combat Armor Right Arm0011D3C6
Combat Armor Right Leg0011D3C4
Courser Uniform0012A332
Covenant Security Armor 001560D
Covert Sweater Vest0009AC97
Crumpled Fedora000A28D8
Damaged Hazmat Suit0018B214
DB Tech Varsity Uniform 001641F8
DC Guard Heavy Helmet000AF0F7
DC Guard Helm000AF0F6
DC Guard Left Arm Armor000AF0F1
DC Guard Left Forearm000AF0EB
DC Guard Left Shoulder000AF0EA
DC Guard Right Arm Armor 000AF0F2
DC Guard Right Forearm000AF0EC
DC Guard Right Shoulder000AF0ED
DC Guard Umpire's Pads000AF0EE
Dirty Army Fatigues0019CBB3
Dog Armor001C32C8
Dog Collar 00034602
Drifter Outfit 000B2D8D
Engineer's Armor 000DEDE7
Explorer Outfit 000732AC
Faded Trench Coat 000E2E2C
Faded Trench Coat 0010C3CA
Faded Visor 0012571C
Farmhand Clothes 000E5084
Fashionable Glasses 000FD9AA
Father's Lab Coat 0014FBD0
Feathered Dress 001B5F1B
Field Scribe's Armor 000E370E
Field Scribe's Hat 000E3710
Flannel Shirt and Jeans 00117EB9
Flannel Shirt and Jeans001346B7
Flight Helmet 000E1AF8
Flowery Dress 00156D02
Formal Hat000FC396
Gas Mask 000787D8
Gas Mask with Goggles001184C1
Grandpa Savoldi's Hat 00122246
Gray Knit Cap000F6D84
Greaser Jacket and Jeans0014BF50
Green Hood 000787EC
Green Division Head Coat001B34FC
Green Institute Lab Coat 001A5CFB
Green Rag Hat000B3F4D
Green Shirt & Combat Boots 001942D6
Grognak Costume001828CC
Gunner's Camo Bandana0017E922
Gunner's Green Bandana0017E923
Hard Hat000F6D86
Hazmat Suit 000CEAC4
Heavy Dog Armor 001C32C7
Helmeted Cage Armor 000B2D8F
Helmeted Spike Armor000DDB81
Hooded Cleanroom Suit00115AEB
Hooded Rags000B3F4E
Institute Division Head Coat001236AD
Institute Jumper0011E7B8
Institute Lab Coat 0011E7B9
Jangles Bandana0017E91C
Kellogg's Outfit001153DB
Kid's Baseball Cap00167A74
Kid's Dress 001561D8
Kid's Pajamas0015DBA6
Kid's Shirt and Jeans 00167A75
Lab Coat 00178B68
Laundered Blue Dress 0014D08F
Laundered Green Dress 000EECF5
Laundered loungewear0004A51F
Laundered loungewear000E6288
Leather Chest Piece0007B9C6
Leather Coat000732B5
Leather Left Arm0007B9C7
Leather Left Leg0007B9C4
Leather Right Arm 0007B9C3
Leather Right Leg 0007B9C5
Leopard Print Bandana 0017E91B
Letterman's Jacket and Jeans 001574C7
Liam's Glasses001B5B26
Light Dog Armor001B5ACC
Long Johns 00019568
Longshoreman Outfit001536F4
Lorenzo's Crown001467F5
Lorenzo's Suit00169BBA
MacCready's Duster000D415A
Mascot Head0011E46D
Mechanic Jumpsuit 0005E76C
Mechanic Jumpsuit001C26B9
Medical Goggles 000E4501
Metal Chest Piece000536C4
Metal Helmet 000787D3
Metal Left Arm 0004B933
Metal Left Leg000536C2
Metal Right Arm000536C1
Metal Right Leg000536C3
Military Cap0016892E
Military Fatigues 0016892C
Militia Hat000E517D
Mining Helmet 001240F1
Minuteman Hat000316D4
Minuteman Outfit000E517B
Minutemen General's Hat 001C2216
Minutemen General's Uniform 001C2214
Nat's Dress 001833C0
Newsboy Cap000A740E
Nucleostrictive Torso Armor001C0382
Orange Division Head Coat001B34FD
Padded Blue Jacket 000A740B
Pastor's Vestments001467A4
Patched Suit000A28D7
Patched Three-Piece Suit
Patrolman Sunglasses001738AA
Pompador Wig 0004A521
Pompadour Wig00165602
Postman Uniform 00146174
Press Cap000A81AF
Quinlan's Armor00136335
Radstag Hide Outfit00034595
Raider Chest Piece 0018E415
Raider Leathers0018E3F7
Raider Left Arm 0018E411
Raider Left Leg 0018E40F
Raider Power Chest Piece00140C57
Raider Power Armor Helm00140C54
Raider Power Armor Left Arm00140C52
Raider Power Armor Left Leg00140C55
Raider Power Armor Right Arm00140C53
Raider Power Armor Right Leg 00140C56
Raider Right Arm 0018E413
Raider Right Leg0018E40D
Railroad Armored Coat 0013BCD1
Railroad Armored Coat Mk I001BBCB5
Railroad Armored Coat Mk II 001BBCB6
Railroad Armored Coat Mk III001BBCB7
Railroad Armored Coat Mk IV 001BBCB8
Railroad Armored Coat Mk V001BBCB9
Ratty Skirt001B828C
Red Bandana 0009C05B
Red Dress 000FD9A8
Red Flight Helmet 0004322C
Red Frock Coat00116806
Red Leather Trench Coat
0009F252Reginald's Suit000F15D0
Rex's Suit000F15D2
Road Goggles 000A81B0
Road Leathers 0004A53B
Road Leathers000AF0E2
Road Leathers 000BB16F
Sack Hood 0018E417
Sack Hood with Hoses0018E419
Sack Hood with Straps0018E41B
Scavenger Outfit 000732AE
Science Scribe's Armor000E44FF
Sea Captain's Hat 000F6D89
Security Helmet00156C0B
Sequin Dress0011A27B
Silver Shroud Costume0002F525
Silver Shroud Costume000DED27
Silver Shroud Costume000DED28
Silver Shroud Costume000DED29
Silver Shroud Costume 000E1A25
Silver Shroud Costume0014E58B
Silver Shroud Hat 0014E58E
Skull Bandana0017E91D
Spike Armor000DDB80
Squire's Uniform0003FB9F
Stars and Stripes Bandana0017E925
Street Urchin Rags00167A76
Striped Bandana0017E924
Submariner Hat00118865
Submariner Uniform 00118864
Summer Shorts0014941A
Surgical Mask000787DA
Surveyor Outfit000B3F4C
Suspenders and Slacks000FC102
Sweater Vest and Slacks 000DFFC5
Synth Chest Piece000187974
Synth Field Helmet0018796A
Synth Helmet000187976
Synth Left Arm0018796C
Synth Left Leg000187972
Synth Right Arm0018796E
Synth Right Leg 000187970
Synth Uniform0012B91D
Synth Uniform0018AC6E
T-60 Left Arm 00140C3D
T-60 Left Leg00140C49
T-60 Right Arm 00140C45
T-60 Right Leg00140C3F
Tattered Field Jacket000732B1
Tattered Rags0011609B
Teagan's Armor 00136166
Tinker Headgear001832F5
Traveling Leather Coat000732B9
Tricorn Hat00116808
Triggerman Bowler 001BA8DA
Trilby Hat000A36C0
T-Shirt and Slacks0014B019
Tuxedo 000FC395
Undershirt & Jeans000FFC21
Ushanka Hat000F6D83
Utility Coveralls 00039A66
Vault 101 Jumpsuit000976B3
Vault 111 Jumpsuit0001EED7
Vault 111 Jumpsuit00050781
Vault 111 Jumpsuit – New 000976B7
Vault 114 Jumpsuit000976B5
Vault 81 Jumpsuit001103A4
Vault 81 Security Armor 00154F10
Vault-Tec Lab Coat 00068CF3
Vault-Tec Security Armor000821B4
Vault-Tec Security Helmet 000821B6
Wedding Ring0007C70C
Wedding Ring0008925C
Welding Goggles000787D9
Welding Helmet000DEDE9
Winter Jacket and Jeans00117EB7
Worn Fedora000E2E2E
Worn Fedora 0010C3CC
Wrapped Cap000787DB
Wraparound Goggles000536C5
T-45 Chest Piece00154AC2
T-45 Helm00154ABF
T-45 Left Arm 00154ABD
T-45 Left Leg 00154AC0
T-45 Right Arm00154ABE
T-45 Right Leg00154AC1
T-51 Chest Piece00140C51
T-51 Helm00140C4E
T-51 Left Arm00140C4C
T-51 Left Leg00140C4F
T-51 Right Arm00140C4D
T-51 Right Leg 00140C50
T-60 Chest Piece00140C42
T-60 Helm00140C4A
X-01 Helm00154AC5
X-01 Left Arm00154AC3
X-01 Left Leg00154AC6
X-01 Right Arm 00154AC4
X-01 Right Leg 00154AC7
X-01 Torso 00154AC8
Yellow Fedora000DF457
Yellow Flight Helmet 00042565
Yellow Institute Division Coat001B34FE
Yellow Institute Lab Coat 001B350A
Yellow Trench Coat000DF455
Zeke's Jacket and Jeans 0014A0DC

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