The Mothers of CJ So Cool's Children Fight Following His Home Invasion: 'You Haven't Checked On My Well Being Once' (2024)

Whew chile … the mothers of CJ So Cool’s children, Royalty, and Ni’Kee Lewis, got into a physical altercation last night following an online argument less than a week after he was shot in a home invasion.

How Ni’Kee & Royalty’s Fight Started

According to fans, the apparent issue between the women started when CJ So Cool uploaded a video to his YouTube page titled My Whole Family Came To Support Me After My Worst Nightmare. In the vlog, people close to the influencers pulled up to show support following his horrific home invasion incident. This included his family, his girlfriend, Alexis “Lexi” Lohmier, and the mother of his daughter Camari So Cool, Ni’Kee Lewis.

In the video, Ni’Kee and CJ So Cool started to talk about how Royalty, his ex, allegedly didn’t like her because she used to pay his $50 child support. Ni’Kee even made a comment pointing out that Royalty didn’t have her twins “naturally”, like she did, because they went through IVF.

This transpired into an online argument between Royalty and Ni’Kee where Royalty stated she was going to pull up to “discuss” things in person since she only lived 15 minutes away.


Royalty even posted a recording of a conversation between her and CJ So Cool about Ni’Kee with the caption “Can’t Wait For Tomorrow’s Video” to her Instagram story.

CJ’s response was,

Imagine recording phone calls of the father of your children screenshotting messages sending them to all your men starting drama and trying to capitalize off of his near death experience it’s to obvious

Royalty Pulls Up To CJ So Cool’s House

While everything is transpiring online, Royalty kept her word and pulled up outside the gate to CJ So Cool’s house, and went live on Instagram asking Ni’Kee to come outside.After waiting, she turned around and went back home.

Meanwhile, Ni’Kee posted to her Instagram Story saying that Royalty was never outside the gate — she was down the street, and asked her to pull back up showing that she popped off her nails and was ready for whatever went down.

Royalty pulled back up with her mom, daughter Ja’aliyah So Cool, and allegedly their twins, and goes live to let Ni’Kee know she is back outside — suddenly the live ends as we assume Ni’Kee pulls up which has everyone waiting with anticipation of what is about to transpire.

The Altercation Between Ni’Kee & Royalty

Not too long after the live ends, Royalty goes live again saying that all Ni’Kee did was give her a scratch, but her real beef is with Lexi who allegedly kicked Royalty’s mom in the stomach.

Following her live, Ni’Kee takes to her Instagram Story to give her version of events and shows that she only sustained a swollen finger from the altercation. She also says that she can’t wait until they post the video showing everything that took place.

While all that is going on, CJ So Cool goes live on Instagram saying that Royalty is “wyling” and confirms that they got into a fight. He says that he wants to get a lawyer because he fears for the safety of their twins since they were allegedly present during the altercation. Camari, daughter of CJ So Cool and Ni’Kee, hops on the live and says her mom won.

He even commented under one of Royalty’s previous lives that was uploaded to the page claiming that she has yet to check on him following his home invasion.

Why are you doing all of this and you haven’t check on my well being once

A video is then uploaded to Royalty’s mom’s Instagram Page showing the fight between Royalty and Ni’Kee, and even shows an argument between Royalty’s daughter, Ja’aliyah So Cool, and his girlfriend that causes Lexi to bolt to her car as she attempts to drive off. The video has since been deleted, but The Shade Room Teens were able to get screenshots of the incident.

CJ So Cool’s Home Invasion

Last week, CJ So Cool posted to his Instagram Story to inform his fans that he was shot four times in a home invasion at 3 in the morning, and asked them to keep him and his kids in their prayers.

He followed up with a video thanking the fans for love he’s been shown, and is grateful that he is still alive. He cleared the air on rumors of it being fake or staged, and says he was sleep when two people entered his home and shot him.

Yesterday, he confirmed that he did get an infection for one of his gunshot wounds and had to go back to the hospital.

CJ So Cool Is FED UP With The Rumors

Royalty still had a few things to get off her chest following the incident last night. She posted to her Instagram Story saying,


Meanwhile, CJ So Cool took to his social media to let fans know that he is fed up with the rumors and anyone who still thinks him getting shot was a prank.

While it is unclear what will happen next now that all of this has unfolded this week, Roommates, we ask that you continue to keep CJ So Cool in your prayers.

The Mothers of CJ So Cool's Children Fight Following His Home Invasion: 'You Haven't Checked On My Well Being Once' (2024)


What happened between CJ So Cool and Royalty? ›

The online personality told her subscribers she decided to end her relationship with CJ after learning he carried on affairs with several different women. "I'm just going to take myself out of the situation and just let it be." "He's a chronic cheater, he's a chronic liar, and it's just getting old.

How many kids did CJ So Cool get? ›

Over the years, he has become the father of six children, according to Distractify. He welcomed twins Cordeyah and Cordero Jr with his ex, Royalty, and Camari from a previous relationship.

Did CJ and Lexi break up? ›

So, all that being said, we broke up. because I felt like I needed a break, and I didn't need Lexi to be around. If she could only be around and be my girlfriend.

Is CJ good or bad? ›

Overall, CJ is a violent, destructive and ruthless Yet compassionate, protective, professional and honorable gang leader.

Are CJ and Royalty back together? ›

So it looks like people are actually thinking that CJ. and royalty may end up back together, but CJ stating that's not the case.

What is royalty so cool's real name? ›

Charlene Charim Young, popularly known as Royalty Johnson, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was raised in the U.S. Charim Young is Johnson's mother, and Edward Young is her father. She shared a home with her sister, Thelma Young.

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Leonidas I
Leonidas I Λεωνίδας
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How old is Kamari from CJ So Cool? ›

So cool. Now, CJ has a 12 year old daughter named Kamari.

Where does Royalty So Cool live? ›

So Cool, was born on March 29, 1989, in Gary, Indiana. He is married to Charlene Johnson, an Instagram star, who goes by Royalty Johnson. The couple lives in Las Vegas together and has two twins — Cordayah and Cordero Jr.

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After his release from prison, Sweet becomes angry at CJ over his decision to abandon Grove Street. He refuses to go and see any of the properties CJ has acquired, and returns to his house in Ganton.

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DJ Pooh compared CJ to Tupac Shakur in that he is fiercely dedicated to his family but becomes "cold-blooded" when necessary. CJ's physical appearance is modeled after Young Maylay. He said he was influenced by his own life when portraying the character: "I put Maylay on CJ.

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Throughout the game, CJ is driven by a desire to protect his loved ones, especially his siblings and close friends from his past. He often goes to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even if it means putting himself in danger.

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