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This page contains information on where players can find Power Armor in Fallout 4.

There are many places to find Power Armor all over the Commonwealth Wasteland. The Power Armor type you find from looting or discovery will depend on the current level of your character, ranging from T-45 to X-01, usually with a Fusion Core equipped. Whether you find parts in an abandoned warehouse or steal them from a defeated enemy, here is where you can find every set of Power Armor in the game.


Partial Power Armor

These suits of Power Armor will be incomplete; you'll have to add pieces of your own you find across your adventure to create a 'complete' set.

Atom Cats Garage

Atom Cats Garage Power Armor

An empty frame is tucked away into the Atom Cats Garage; the only caveat is that it is marked as 'owned' and you'll have to steal it. It's located in the Red Rocket Garage inside the settlement and stealing it will anger all of the settlers, so it's best to wait until you've completed the quests and purchased everything you need before taking it.

Abandoned Shack

Abandoned Shack Power Armor

Out in the Glowing Sea, you'll come across the Abandoned Shack, a front for the Federal Surveillance Center K-21B. Go inside and take the key from the yellow suitcase next to the dead scientist; your Power Armor will be at the lowest level, underneath the stairs.

Neponset Park

Neponset Park Power Armor


You can find another set after a light swim near Neponset Park. Go north from the park's fast travel point until you see where the bridge collapses. The Power Armor will be submerged underwater, next to a military truck.

Milton General Hospital

Milton General Hospital Power Armor

Instead of going into the Hospital, turn from the front door and head northeast; you'll hit a military checkpoint with a Mister Gutsy waiting for you. Once it's down, the Power Armor can be found between the military vehicle and the guard post.

Fort Strong

Fort Strong Power Armor

Before crossing the bridge to Fort Strong- and dealing with the Super Mutants camped out there- you can go in with a Power Armor frame by checking the guardpost on the left.

The Dig

The Dig Power Armor


There's a hidden, leveled set of Power Armor that's only available during the sidequest The Big Dig. Progress through the quest as normal until you can use Sonia to blast open the walls. Once Sonia blasts open the first wall automatically, go straight and up the stairs. Blasting open the wall in front of you will lead to a dead end, along with a suit of Power Armor- and a Mirelurk King.

Mass Pike Interchange

Mass Pike Interchange Power Armor

From the Mass Pike Interchange, there's a gunner base guarding another set of Power Armor, but you may have to stealth through to claim this one, as it's not uncommon for an enemy to enter it to use it against you, possibly rendering the armor frame useless. It will be near the back, by the Power Armor repair station.

South Military Checkpoint

South Military Checkpoint Power Armor

While you can't teleport to this one right away, if you head to the northwest from Mass Pike, you'll find a small military checkpoint with two of the large military vehicles. Inside one of the shacks nearby is another suit.

National Guard Training Yard

National Guard Training Yard Power Armor 1


National Guard Training Yard Power Armor 2

Provided you can unlock Master level locks, there's another suit of Power Armor inside the Armory, a small building near the National Guard Training Yard. After unlocking the door to enter, you'll have to hack a novice terminal, but the reward is more than worth it. If you can't pick a Master level lock, however, you can find another suit to the northwest, hidden inside an open trailer.

Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F

Poseiden Energy Turbine 18-F Power Armor

Here's an easy one if you need a suit of Power Armor very quickly; This power armor frame is to the northeast of Poseidon Energy Turbine 18-F, near a crashed plane.

Robotics Disposal Ground

Robotics Disposal Ground Power Armor

This suit of Power Armor is very close to Vault 111, so you can pick it up before you reach Preston Garvey and the other settlers. The Robotics Disposal Ground can be reached by following the river to the north once you cross the bridge. Heading southeast from the disposal ground will lead you to the Power Armor, near a crashed vertibird.

Fort Hagen


Fort Hagen Power Armor

Before you enter Fort Hagen during the main story, you can pick up a suit of Power Armor in a warehouse nearby. After heading south from the fort, you'll find some warehouses, with the power armor in the farthest left building.


Covenant Power Armor

Covenant's Power Armor is another sunken treasure, waiting for you at the bottom of the lake outside the settlement. On the north side, you'll see a crashed helicopter peeking out of the water- the Power Armor will be next to it.

Murkwater Construction Site

Murkwater Construction Site Power Armor

Murkwater is home to a settlement, possibly a Mirelurk Queen, and most importantly, a suit of Power Armor. Also near a crashed vertibird, this one thankfully isn't submerged. You can find it in the swamps to the west.

Nahant Wharf


Nahant Wharf Power Armor

Nahant is far to the east compared to your beginning in Vault 111, though there's a suit of Power Armor nearby to make your journey worth it. Head north from the wharf along the road and you'll come across a barge in the water. In the blue container is a suit of Power Armor.

Fiddler's Green

Fiddler's Green Power Armor

Fiddler's Green has a suit of Power Armor that's unfortunately locked behind a Master level lock, so you won't be able to pick it up until you're at least level 18. You can find this in a large trailer with an orange stripe, just mind the Feral Ghouls!


Lexington Power Armor

Filled with Raiders, Synths, and Ghouls, traversing Lexington might be a tad easier with a suit of Power Armor. Head west from the town and you'll find a train; inside a locked cage will be another suit.

Wattz Consumer Electronics


Wattz Consumer Electronics Power Armor

This Power Armor can be found near the start of the Automaton DLC questline, near Wattz Consumer Electronics. After talking with ADA, you can move northwest from the Wattz building to find a suit of Power Armor locked into a cage.

Tenpines Bluff

Tenpines Bluff Power Armor

This Power Armor is a little tricky, as it's far below the settlement of Tenpines Bluff when you teleport in. Go northeast and then jump down the cliff; you'll find an overturned train with a cage containing a suit of Power Armor.

Natick Police Department

Natick Police Department Power Armor

You're unlikely to run across this one until you head towards the Glowing Sea, but this set of Power Armor is out in the open, with no cages or terminals keeping it hidden. From the Natick Police Department, follow the road south. Barring the occasional Yao Guai, you'll find this set of Power Armor on the right side, near some ruined cars.

Complete Power Armor Set

These suits of armor will have all the pieces, sparing you the need to add further pieces to make a complete suit, though some will still need a helmet.


35 Court

35 Court Power Armor

The full set of Power Armor locked away in 35 Court is probably the most difficult to obtain; in exchange for a complete suit of Power Armor, you'll have to defeat both a Sentry Bot and an Assaultron at the same time, so you might want to wait until you have some of the best weapons before picking this one up. Once both bots are dead, hit the button inside each spawn location to unlock the door with the Power Armor.

South Boston Military Checkpoint

South Boston Military Checkpoint Power Armor

On the easier spectrum of full sets you can acquire, the South Boston Military Checkpoint has a full set of Power Armor along with a mini nuke at the cost of picking an expert lock. After dispatching the two Gunners, you'll find your Power Armor in the back of the building, along with a Master safe inside if you have the level.

East Boston Police Station

East Boston Police Station Power Armor

If you don't mind a light swim, you can find a suit of Power Armor locked behind a cage near the East Boston Police Station. You can find the Power Armor sitting on a barge to the southwest, behind a locked Novice terminal. Alternatively, you can go northeast from the Old North Church if you're doing the Railroad quests.



Greygarden Power Armor

Greygarden easily has the trickiest Power Armor to reach- You'll want to head east until you find a yellow platform; it will be under the overpass south of Corvega, taking you up to the top of the highway. Turn left on the highway and you'll find the Power Armor suit near the highway's end.


Cave Power Armor

There are two caves near the Glowing Sea, but the one you want is the southernmost cave, located to the southwest of the Vertibird Wreckage. The cave is very small and will be empty except for the Power Armor and a dead raider, though the Glowing Sea tends to be filled with scary enemies, so you might want to leave this frame for later.

Mass Bay Medical Center

Mass Bay Medical Center Power Armor

Near the very top of the Mass Bay Medical Center is another suit with no cage or terminal to get through, though you will have to contend with Gunners and an Assaultron to reach it. Once you reach the door leading to the North Medical Center, take the nearby elevator up; you'll have to kill the Gunner leader before they get inside it, so open with VATS to do as much damage as possible.


Museum of Freedom

Museum of Freedom Power Armor

It's a rite of passage to pick up this Power Armor at the start of your Fallout journey. During the main quest, you'll find this Power Armor on the roof, though you'll need to pick up the Fusion Core from the basem*nt first to get it working.

The Prydwen

The Prydwen Power Armor 1

The Prydwen Power Armor 2

The airship hosting the Brotherhood of Steel has several Power Armor suits in the repair bay, along with the suit you receive if you progress the Brotherhood of Steel questline. These suits are all owned, though, so you can't just take them like you can most of the others- hopping into one will set the entirety of the Prydwen to be hostile to you, which you aren't likely to survive.

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